Saturday, 29 August 2009


I thought.....dissertation on zines and handmade publications?!?!? i need to buy some to get a feel of what they are like! So i did. I bought some zines from Cafe Royal (Craig Atkinson) in London. This independent publisher has a HUGE amount of zines and small publications for sale and i decided to buy one of his very own publications - Cafe Royal 4. I am also going to be asking him a few questions about zines and handmade publications for my dissertation (I've already asked if he will and he said yes, i just need to think of some worthwhile, thought probing questions to ask of someone with so much knowledge of small publications) So i just thought i would update with a few shots of the zine i bought and the zine i got free! Cafe Royal is having a 25% off sale on distro titles and a free zine with every purchase! Well worth the money for what you get!

My free zine (the top 4 images): and The zine i bought (the rest of the images):

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